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Hands To Die

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Baiak Revolution on Jul 29 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Gustavo Rota Royal Paladin 497 offline
Nobzinho Rush (Vs All Forever) Elder Druid 484 online
Old Ary Guri (FDS) Majestic Druid 498 online
Rafasz Elite Knight 470 offline
Shiny Rhydon (;)) Monster Knight 501 online
Sunny (;)) Lord Paladin 539 online
Vice-Leader Atreus Pushtime (~~Atreus Amaral) Lord Paladin 516 online
Marola Zika Lord Paladin 509 online
Microsoft Edge Majestic Druid 478 online
Member Abby Alvarez (Kill Me) Elder Druid 417 offline
Abelzito (Mestre !) Royal Paladin 496 online
Action Majestic Druid 500 offline
Agathinha (Is Knight) Majestic Druid 498 offline
Agathinha Ed (Is Knight) Majestic Druid 461 offline
Agressif Master Sorcerer 501 online
Aleluis Elder Druid 488 online
Amemem Elder Druid 487 online
Andrew (rj) Majestic Druid 462 online
Arcangel (Legend,-) Majestic Druid 462 offline
Archerzin Royal Paladin 421 offline
Askho Pvp Majestic Druid 504 online
Astralyx Elder Druid 424 online
Atnyzerah Majestic Druid 478 online
Atreus Blindao Elite Knight 73 offline
Atreus Lovexp Master Sorcerer 304 offline
Atreus True Damage Elder Druid 494 online
Autocura Elder Druid 407 offline
Avelino Owns (SEM DEDO) Majestic Druid 460 online
Bandida Elder Druid 452 offline
Bardzo Bush (bardz0r) Majestic Druid 552 online
Bart Maconheiro Elder Druid 474 offline
Batemaisqnoisgosta Master Sorcerer 450 online
Beibe Charque Elder Druid 340 offline
Bem Debochado Master Sorcerer 404 offline
Bendez Majestic Druid 486 offline
Big Eize Majestic Druid 525 offline
Black Onix Elder Druid 497 offline
Bob Motel (Alagoano DEBOXADO) Elder Druid 502 offline
Bondi Golpista Majestic Druid 514 offline
Botellones Elder Druid 461 online
Bragah Trem Bala Majestic Druid 502 offline
Bryenne Majestic Druid 482 offline
Bucetinha Do Mau Elder Druid 427 offline
Busu Halfin Majestic Druid 436 online
Calcinhas Elder Druid 439 online
Chicletin Elder Druid 342 offline
Chileno (Joel) Elder Druid 454 online
Chupac Majestic Druid 499 online
Come Joaoegd Elder Druid 478 online
Coroa Zero Majestic Druid 499 online
Coronel (Liza Simpsons) Royal Paladin 435 offline
Covid Dezenove Lord Paladin 508 online
Crash Wicked (~BRAYAN~) Lord Paladin 529 online
Cria De Favela ((...)) Elite Knight 457 online
Crystal Bow Royal Paladin 457 offline
Dark And Elite Knight 468 online
Dark Warrior (Bolsa familia) Elite Knight 454 offline
Dashowk (: :) Majestic Druid 500 offline
Dhusk (Vdv) Majestic Druid 467 offline
Dichavas Royal Paladin 84 online
Dichavas Lootinho Majestic Druid 492 online
Direito Civil Majestic Druid 482 offline
Direito Penal Majestic Druid 507 offline
Disasterpiece Master Sorcerer 447 offline
Donzela Guerreira Elder Druid 465 offline
Dr Gaspar (Gaspar Rullez) Lord Paladin 519 online
Druid Ma Followw (bora coloca terror) Elder Druid 438 online
Druid Ma Fow (VEM FDP ;)) Elder Druid 340 offline
Druid Ultimeide (Bora Brincar) Majestic Druid 491 offline
Druidizin Sexy Majestic Druid 486 online
Dustxd (~ RAAFA) Elder Druid 270 offline
Eileen Belseriion Elder Druid 449 online
Elder Boladaum Majestic Druid 455 online
Elder Cait Back Majestic Druid 459 offline
Elrond Sadius Royal Paladin 485 online
Eo Golpe Majestic Druid 483 offline
Eu Rusho Se Chora (Nikka fullon and Charlove) Elder Druid 426 offline
Fabinz Master Sorcerer 523 online
Fernando (015 Owns) Royal Paladin 502 online
Fernando Owns Elder Druid 467 online
Filho Do Gd Lord Paladin 460 online
Flo Ki Royal Paladin 452 online
Frags Tres Elder Druid 137 offline
Fujimonakombi (C.V.R.L) Royal Paladin 506 online
Fujimonofusca (C.V.R.L) Majestic Druid 451 offline
Full Full Elder Druid 86 offline
Galadriel Majestic Druid 492 online
Gamer Ytube Lord Paladin 488 offline
Gowther Kun (((♕Real Hasta Muerte♕))) Majestic Druid 474 online
Gt Vdv (;)) Majestic Druid 499 online
Guiizerah Majestic Druid 497 online
Gus Tavo Rota Elder Druid 462 offline
Guthan Tam Majestic Druid 472 online
Hardcore Elder Druid 474 online
Havai (Eae, Menor ?) Royal Paladin 439 offline
Havaiano (O Pai Chegou) Lord Paladin 510 offline
Headbolt Elite Knight 458 online
Heberus Stormblade Majestic Druid 452 offline
Homem Bomba (Homem Bomba vai explodir na t) Majestic Druid 486 offline
Hookah King Majestic Druid 485 online
Hookah King Prince Royal Paladin 426 offline
Hyperxy Full Elder Druid 444 offline
Igor Malvado (Malvado) Majestic Druid 479 online
Ilusion (Pro Attack) Elder Druid 504 offline
Imortal Claws Elder Druid 413 online
Impacto Elder Druid 471 online
Insanecore (deu look pq tem medo) Majestic Druid 552 online
Instinto Maldito Royal Paladin 453 online
Is Knight Monster Knight 503 offline
Itsvolvo Elder Druid 470 online
Jack Daniels Elder Druid 394 offline
Joao Henrique Elder Druid 471 online
John The Killer (~~Netin~´) Master Sorcerer 421 offline
Joker Elder Druid 448 online
Jornh (JORDAN) Royal Paladin 499 online
Juarez (Servente de Pedreiro) Royal Paladin 420 offline
Juninho Majestic Druid 437 online
Kardan Royal Paladin 336 offline
Keep Love (XDD) Majestic Druid 508 offline
King Jammys Royal Paladin 453 offline
Kira Elder Druid 435 online
Knight Of Lord Elite Knight 366 offline
Kodokan (thedoor) Monster Knight 530 offline
Krukov Majestic Druid 500 offline
Krukovi Elder Druid 427 offline
Krukovy Elder Druid 421 offline
Lady Loka Lord Paladin 484 online
Lamar Jackson Elder Druid 463 offline
Lanca Perfume (Soh Bololo e Corte) Elder Druid 492 offline
Las Noches Elder Druid 447 offline
Lemon Haze Majestic Druid 504 offline
Leozerah Master Sorcerer 409 offline
Lermatyx Majestic Druid 468 offline
Loko Crazyy Elder Druid 457 offline
Loko De Pala Elder Druid 93 offline
Loord Maaconheira Elder Druid 458 offline
Loot Ii Elder Druid 376 offline
Lootzada Elder Druid 450 online
Lootzerada Elder Druid 452 online
Lootzinho Elder Druid 457 online
Lord Frags Elder Druid 483 online
Luffytaro (maito gai) Elite Knight 484 offline
Lukinha Rushe Lord Paladin 518 online
Magethe Claws Elder Druid 424 offline
Magic Wallsz (Terror Do Ilusion) Royal Paladin 481 online
Mago Do Tempo (To Brizandoo) Elder Druid 455 offline
Maico Aposentado Elder Druid 458 offline
Maikyzerah Majestic Druid 429 online
Maito Gai Majestic Druid 513 offline
Majesty Druid Majestic Druid 502 offline
Make Malvado Elder Druid 464 offline
Makia Majestic Druid 486 online
Makia Eagle Elder Druid 451 online
Makiaveike Royal Paladin 451 online
Malandro Maldito Royal Paladin 462 offline
Maneco Elder Druid 449 offline
Manigold Lord Paladin 454 online
Manigold Faz Red Master Sorcerer 56 offline
Manigold Fzn Red Master Sorcerer 51 offline
Manu Oldfull Royal Paladin 500 offline
Maria Sophia Royal Paladin 378 offline
Marmota (Bora Brincar) Elder Druid 414 online
Marshall Teach Majestic Druid 452 offline
Master Boladaum Supreme Sorcerer 457 online
Master Pallazin Royal Paladin 438 online
Mateus Sz (KITA AI MAN) Elder Druid 421 offline
Matheus Tk Lord Paladin 483 online
Matheusz (Sunny ;)) Majestic Druid 497 online
Matheusz Cinco Elder Druid 494 offline
Matheusz Dez Elder Druid 487 offline
Matheusz Dezesseis Elder Druid 457 offline
Matheusz Dois Majestic Druid 497 offline
Matheusz Doze Elder Druid 465 offline
Matheusz Nove Elder Druid 500 offline
Matheusz Oito Elder Druid 497 offline
Matheusz Onzi Elder Druid 482 offline
Matheusz Quatorze Elder Druid 484 offline
Matheusz Quatroo Elder Druid 484 offline
Matheusz Quinze Elder Druid 463 offline
Matheusz Seis Elder Druid 490 offline
Matheusz Sete Elder Druid 497 offline
Matheusz Tres Majestic Druid 498 offline
Matheusz Treze Elder Druid 460 offline
Matheusz Um Majestic Druid 482 offline
Mc Ronaldo Majestic Druid 455 offline
Messii Is Back Lord Paladin 481 online
Microosoft Elder Druid 429 offline
Mineiiro Lord Paladin 540 online
Mlkzika Elder Druid 467 offline
Move Your Body Elder Druid 449 online
Mr Skrrr Royal Paladin 462 online
Mynamistomanukued (Capitã) Elder Druid 473 offline
Naltight (Maker Treverian) Elder Druid 489 online
Namikaze Minato Elite Knight 483 online
New Ari Gari Elder Druid 459 offline
New Ary Gari Royal Paladin 484 offline
New Corona Elder Druid 471 offline
Nikka Fullon Elder Druid 481 online
Nobzinha Royal Paladin 468 offline
Notgodliness (Gian Here XD) Majestic Druid 465 online
Old Ary Gurii Elder Druid 399 offline
Old Pro Elder Druid 488 online
Oquemecome (vc foi comido) Elder Druid 515 online
Oweeix Ozzyz (300 FALA 300) Majestic Druid 500 offline
Pai Do Gd Elder Druid 366 offline
Paladin Cabuloso (O Brabo) Lord Paladin 560 online
Paladino Do Raio Lord Paladin 497 online
Pally Gold Royal Paladin 398 offline
Pampa Vilao (TÔ A PAMPA VILÃO) Lord Paladin 511 offline
Pamps Elder Druid 481 online
Passarin Di Kina (N.P.T. | Passarin) Majestic Druid 525 offline
Paula Tejando (marola da boa) Majestic Druid 475 online
Pedro On Lyze Elder Druid 429 offline
Ph Smith Majestic Druid 493 online
Phantoms Lord Paladin 502 online
Phdashow Majestic Druid 497 online
Picasso Majestic Druid 493 online
Pipa Avoada Elite Knight 345 offline
Pipee Ceifador (Suddes death) Elder Druid 434 offline
Pirikito Marginal Majestic Druid 471 offline
Pirokotiador (Terror Do Ilusion) Elder Druid 461 online
Piru Du Futuro Majestic Druid 498 online
Policia Cinco Majestic Druid 481 online
Policia Quatro Majestic Druid 468 online
Policia Seis Majestic Druid 470 online
Policia Tres Majestic Druid 466 online
Prima Do Gd Majestic Druid 480 online
Primo Do Gd Elder Druid 379 online
Professor Elder Druid 442 offline
Psicopata Lombrado Master Sorcerer 427 offline
Ptzin Meti Ficha Royal Paladin 449 online
Purple Haze Royal Paladin 355 online
Putazona Master Sorcerer 475 offline
Putissima Master Sorcerer 462 offline
Rafa Loko Elder Druid 456 offline
Rafasz Bafora Lolo Majestic Druid 404 offline
Rafasz Megafunksz Royal Paladin 502 offline
Raikkon The Beast (BEASTMODE) Majestic Druid 483 offline
Rede Elder Druid 26 offline
Reizinho Majestic Druid 528 offline
Replauseclick Elder Druid 413 offline
Rercruta Lord Paladin 495 offline
Riickinhow Elder Druid 535 online
Ring Fast Master Sorcerer 307 offline
Rota Comando Elder Druid 442 offline
Ruan Akjz Majestic Druid 414 offline
Russell Wilson Elder Druid 463 offline
Sabio Tarado Majestic Druid 474 offline
Saibot Elder Druid 362 offline
Salvador Da Rima Elder Druid 461 online
Sargento Do Pvp (SD No teu rabo) Majestic Druid 501 offline
Satho (₷ΔȚᅢᄋ) Elder Druid 526 offline
Sauron Master Sorcerer 466 online
Schwarzer Majestic Druid 425 offline
Serjaun Tornoza (♕PVP DE MEL♕) Elder Druid 475 offline
Seu Bobinho (O Pai Chego) Lord Paladin 488 offline
Sevenboys Elder Druid 463 offline
Shakal Master Master Sorcerer 443 offline
Simpa Elder Druid 478 online
Simpatia Elder Druid 486 online
Sincerity Majestic Druid 411 offline
Sixx Pro Rush Elder Druid 389 offline
Skollz Star Majestic Druid 458 offline
Slayer Elder Druid 423 offline
Smx Pro (Pop Star) Majestic Druid 509 offline
So Track Boa Lord Paladin 466 offline
Soled Pelanet Elder Druid 443 online
Sollari Elder Druid 501 online
Sollari Looter Elder Druid 452 online
Son Gohan (Little Speech Play More) Elder Druid 402 offline
Soteldo (Sim o Bagueiro) Elder Druid 486 online
Starven Royal Paladin 453 offline
Stive Royal Paladin 430 offline
Subaqueira Elder Druid 491 online
Sunny Editado Royal Paladin 415 offline
Sunnysz Elite Knight 482 online
Tae Pezin Majestic Druid 503 offline
Tank War Elite Knight 430 offline
Tarraxinha Majestic Druid 421 offline
Te Matei Cinco Elder Druid 447 online
Te Matei Dois (joao deboxa :0) Elder Druid 439 online
Te Matei Quatro Elder Druid 451 online
Te Matei Seis Elder Druid 441 online
Te Matei Sete Elder Druid 453 online
Te Matei Tres Elder Druid 454 online
Te Mato Sozinho (Fds Vocês 3) Majestic Druid 481 online
Terminou (Passei o carro) Supreme Sorcerer 493 offline
The Receptionist Lord Paladin 451 offline
Theuzin (Tropa do Ribery) Majestic Druid 500 online
Theuzin Tanagaiola (Tropa do Mbappe) Majestic Druid 541 online
Thiagao Zx Elder Druid 472 offline
Thiago Ragnarson Majestic Druid 501 offline
Thomas Muller (Faca Na Caveira) Majestic Druid 516 offline
Tio Patinhas Elder Druid 438 offline
Tomapaunoteucu Lord Paladin 450 offline
Toninho Elder Druid 459 offline
Torrador Dekunk Master Sorcerer 424 offline
Trabequinn Elder Druid 307 offline
Treverian (FLORIPA) Majestic Druid 481 online
Tupac (Furia Leste) Elder Druid 455 offline
Tynox (Pokas Ideia) Elder Druid 482 offline
Unknown Lord Paladin 411 offline
Vacatio Legis Royal Paladin 468 offline
Vampiro Elder Druid 440 online
Venstar (The Blue Clown) Majestic Druid 502 offline
Vintage Culture Majestic Druid 482 offline
Werlen Is Back (Ket) Lord Paladin 492 offline
Wiindows Live Royal Paladin 504 offline
Xullz Kabuloso (Maconheiro NATO) Supreme Sorcerer 513 offline
Yszty Fyszty Elder Druid 400 offline
Zabblin Dashow Majestic Druid 454 offline
Zikadazarabia (deu look porq bb?) Majestic Druid 513 online
Zikadobaile Elder Druid 457 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Fuga Deboxed Aug 02 2020
Gabriel Play Easy Aug 06 2020
Sollari Loot Five Aug 08 2020
Sollari Looter One Aug 08 2020
Sollari Looter Two Aug 08 2020
Zeka Paugordinho Aug 08 2020

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Filouxzin
570, Majestic Druid
2- Suwerenny Iezony
569, Lord Paladin
3- Maritaca
569, Majestic Druid
4- Jupiterdinamarques
568, Majestic Druid
5- Filoux Druid
567, Majestic Druid
Hands To Die