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Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Baiak Revolution on Dec 19 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Erick Tomahawk (Made-In-CHINA) Majestic Druid 554 online
Killers (Maniaco do Tibia) Majestic Druid 611 offline
Vice-Leader Barucci (Arcoverde-PE) Lord Paladin 607 online
Bruxo Imortal Majestic Druid 486 offline
Franco (Nordestino) Majestic Druid 605 online
Member Agro Epop Elder Druid 503 offline
Amigao Do Mr Royal Paladin 506 offline
Arapiraca Al Elder Druid 434 online
Arkassil Rokia Elder Druid 433 offline
Aysha Majestic Druid 563 online
Babydoll Scareface (Suh) Elder Druid 481 offline
Bagana Majestic Druid 585 offline
Bandiit Majestic Druid 579 offline
Bane Dragon Elder Druid 482 offline
Billy Ousadia (Era Uma Vez) Supreme Sorcerer 656 online
Binhoo Deus (Ironhard) Majestic Druid 544 offline
Bruno Zera (PARAMAX) Majestic Druid 523 offline
Cachero Supreme Sorcerer 630 online
Carioca Ta Virado (Cheio De ódio) Majestic Druid 504 offline
Cavalo Elite Knight 599 online
Charuan (You Are Dead) Lord Paladin 511 offline
Conker Slayer (Erick) Elder Druid 410 offline
Di Ih (Old) Majestic Druid 603 offline
Di Ih Rp Xd Lord Paladin 508 offline
Dih Vilao Elder Druid 450 offline
Don Dk (Aiin Janetiii) Majestic Druid 485 offline
Draxido Supreme Sorcerer 501 offline
Druid Ma Elder Druid 503 offline
Dumbledore Elder Druid 454 offline
Eduardo Elder Druid 504 offline
Elite Rules Monster Knight 466 offline
Erick Uknw Tv Royal Paladin 504 offline
Forbidden Name (Forbidden Talk ;) Elder Druid 372 offline
Gui Max Master Sorcerer 499 offline
Gui Silver Elder Druid 548 offline
Guthan Aleijado ($$ ON $$) Lord Paladin 526 offline
Hornet Lord Paladin 583 online
Innuendo Elder Druid 480 offline
Ismaelzinho Royal Paladin 430 offline
Jajal Mataarindo Master Sorcerer 328 offline
Jhon Lord (Cuiudo!!) Majestic Druid 595 online
Kazerc Britanic Elder Druid 444 offline
Khortex Lord Paladin 564 offline
Killers El Matador (Maceio ;D) Majestic Druid 553 offline
Knight Small Elite Knight 434 offline
Lara Croft Lord Paladin 497 offline
Ldiboynlynlym (Meu bot joga melhor que tu!) Royal Paladin 662 online
Ldiboynlynlymw Elder Druid 605 online
Lest Go Majestic Druid 548 online
Lombra (Lombra) Majestic Druid 597 offline
Lord Hell Redbull Elder Druid 508 offline
Louco Por Buceta Majestic Druid 524 offline
Lumeria Three (nada que falar) Elder Druid 442 offline
Macrofago Majestic Druid 494 offline
Magezin Old Stylee (Chora BB) Elder Druid 470 offline
Malvadiinha Ty Majestic Druid 561 online
Memas Turbe Monster Knight 568 online
Mishutaru (Visssse Maria, e um Triiigue) Majestic Druid 580 offline
Mula Atomica Majestic Druid 494 offline
No Push Im Wall (No Pushhh) Elder Druid 419 online
Pally Ty Lord Paladin 553 online
Parcel Ifty (Xnxx.coM) Majestic Druid 587 offline
Peludao Monster Knight 510 offline
Pharma (Vem Com Monstro) Elder Druid 482 offline
Popzera Elder Druid 433 offline
Pro Attack (3 calmo xd) Elder Druid 559 offline
Push Is Back On (Savitar) Majestic Druid 474 offline
Relz (Usuario Sujo) Majestic Druid 556 offline
Revolutionrules Lord Paladin 497 offline
Romanel Supreme Sorcerer 564 offline
Saint Zedao (House Down) Majestic Druid 513 offline
Song Pally (Charuan ) Royal Paladin 458 offline
Suh Tomahawk (Erick Tomahawksz) Majestic Druid 526 offline
Suvacsz (te como, te bato, te mato) Supreme Sorcerer 575 offline
Tatu Elder Druid 448 offline
Thanos Monster Knight 544 offline
Tio Do Loot (te como, te bato, te mato) Monster Knight 565 offline
Told The Cria (eleveprod no yt) Master Sorcerer 555 offline
Trem Bala (ser brecha é aço rsrs) Monster Knight 496 offline
Trem Balaa Monster Knight 488 offline
Vip Mage (Matheus Barucci) Majestic Druid 499 online
Weak Majestic Druid 495 offline
Will Mata Gringo (WILLZIKA) Majestic Druid 578 offline
Ypioca Royal Paladin 493 offline
Zenitsu Lord Paladin 490 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Kinazin The Cria Jan 16 2021

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Flam
730, Supreme Sorcerer
2- Ldiboynlynlym
662, Royal Paladin
3- Billy Ousadia
656, Supreme Sorcerer
4- Midu
651, Majestic Druid
5- Newjack True
648, Majestic Druid