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Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Baiak Revolution on Dec 08 2020.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
Leader Elchzt (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) Majestic Druid 656 offline
Flam Supreme Sorcerer 973 offline
Kamikaze Joga Easy (jogador caro) Majestic Druid 803 offline
Mage Dreher Majestic Druid 647 offline
Vice-Leader Arrasta Pra Cima (FRIGO , FRIGO , FRIGO .) Majestic Druid 849 offline
Bellalitzz (Vithinho) Majestic Druid 924 offline
Boldo Easywin Supreme Sorcerer 854 offline
Chaos Of Creta Majestic Druid 620 offline
Chapeu De Palha Majestic Druid 721 offline
Lucas Joga Dez (019 é o Terror) Elder Druid 765 offline
Member Antunes Monster Knight 586 offline
Arieswar Majestic Druid 563 offline
Black Danger Majestic Druid 708 offline
Block Rush Monster Knight 632 offline
Boldo Rusheasy Lord Paladin 595 offline
Fizza Now Lord Paladin 534 offline
Glub Lord Paladin 572 offline
Iceberry Majestic Druid 585 offline
Insano (jogador barato) Supreme Sorcerer 541 offline
Kaiab Monster Knight 604 offline
Kyore (MAKER , MAKER , MAKER .) Majestic Druid 604 offline
Ladybug Lord Paladin 701 offline
Lord Titico Majestic Druid 734 offline
Makumba Sharaba Majestic Druid 658 offline
Maritaca Majestic Druid 755 offline
Pally Owns Lord Paladin 753 offline
Pegasus (indomável) Majestic Druid 544 offline
Rejao Majestic Druid 601 offline
Revolucion (FuckingSmokingWeed) Majestic Druid 541 offline
Silverback (Me ajuda) Supreme Sorcerer 575 offline
Tilt Full Supreme Sorcerer 622 offline
Tio Rico Majestic Druid 613 offline
Vds Owsz ((Deu look?agora corre!) Majestic Druid 551 offline
Makers Bahia Monster Knight 640 offline
Baiano Majestic Druid 671 offline
Beck Supreme Sorcerer 609 offline
Bells (Maker :D) Majestic Druid 684 offline
El Chileno (Seu pai) Elder Druid 615 offline
Event Elder Druid 635 offline
Fredy Kruguer Elder Druid 552 offline
Ganesha (Love Coxinha) Lord Paladin 684 offline
Gente Fina Elder Druid 473 offline
Gladiador Maximus (Rastafari) Elder Druid 658 offline
Gohax (La Coxinha) Monster Knight 598 offline
Guava Monster Knight 643 offline
Jerusa Druid Majestic Druid 583 offline
John Wick (prosito) Majestic Druid 593 offline
Lemon Fresh Royal Paladin 550 offline
Lespector Lord Paladin 653 offline
Malbeck Monster Knight 602 offline
Minino Malukinho (MINI TANQUE) Monster Knight 618 offline
Money Elder Druid 511 offline
Neguveio Lord Paladin 593 offline
Nerd Majestic Druid 680 offline
Old Knight (El Tanker) Monster Knight 613 offline
Pally Dreher Lord Paladin 612 offline
Pally Of Trevas Lord Paladin 598 offline
Penelope Majestic Druid 673 offline
Red Label Lord Paladin 602 offline
Rico Elder Druid 654 offline
Royal Paladin Lord Paladin 808 offline
Rushnow Majestic Druid 594 offline
Skud (017) Majestic Druid 601 offline
Skzy (VEM BB) Supreme Sorcerer 649 offline
Sorczin Owns Supreme Sorcerer 833 offline
Sundose (EL PORRADEIRO) Monster Knight 624 offline
Supreme Bells (Maker kkk) Supreme Sorcerer 725 offline
Vergonha Pra Midia (MAKER , MAKER , MAKER .) Majestic Druid 656 offline

Invited Characters
Name Invitation Date
Camisa Nove Jun 21 2021
Chaporlin May 12 2021

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Flam
973, Supreme Sorcerer
2- Bellalitzz
924, Majestic Druid
3- Ldiboynlynlymw
868, Majestic Druid
4- Cachero
855, Supreme Sorcerer
5- Boldo Easywin
854, Supreme Sorcerer
Castelo Livre