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Swat Team

Guild Information
New guild. Leader must edit this text :)

The guild was founded on Baiak Revolution on Feb 12 2021.
It is currently active.

Guild Members
Rank [sort] Name and Title Vocation [sort] Level [sort] Status
General Cavalo Monster Knight 664 offline
Filoux Druid (O MAIS CHATO) Majestic Druid 738 online
Killers (Flanelinha Piiiiiiiiiii) Majestic Druid 759 online
Tcp Lg ($) Lord Paladin 524 offline
Capitao Filouxzin (XDDDDD) Majestic Druid 658 online
Sargento Aquilles (;D) Majestic Druid 629 offline
Aspirina (No Cu do Val OOOOIIIiiIii) Majestic Druid 594 online
Atrevido Elder Druid 406 offline
Babydoll Scareface (Suh) Elder Druid 487 offline
Bandiit Majestic Druid 661 online
Black Onix Majestic Druid 554 online
Bombadao Majestic Druid 599 online
Bubba Rabits (Madrada Nonpvp) Majestic Druid 442 offline
Buliga Majestic Druid 504 offline
Cachero (Hellomoto) Supreme Sorcerer 822 online
Cecilia (Ricaria e Viado) Majestic Druid 680 online
Charuan (You Are Dead) Lord Paladin 517 offline
Dhusk Elder Druid 484 offline
Di Ih (Old) Majestic Druid 598 offline
Druid Ultimeide (Bora Brincar) Majestic Druid 506 offline
Erick Satanicz Monster Knight 512 online
Erick Tomahawk (Made-In-CHINA) Majestic Druid 595 online
Erick Tomorrowland Lord Paladin 520 online
Esquerdista Master Sorcerer 690 online
Eu Renovo Majestic Druid 590 online
Filoux Majestic Druid 548 offline
Florattaa (to chegando ;D) Monster Knight 605 offline
Front Diferenciado (RAFAEL!!!!!!!!!!!!) Lord Paladin 587 offline
Guthan Zinho ($) Majestic Druid 436 offline
Hallz (Tech House) Supreme Sorcerer 624 online
Innuendo Elder Druid 475 offline
Junim Majestic Druid 617 online
Juninhuow Elder Druid 501 online
Junio Master Sorcerer 552 offline
Juniu Elder Druid 475 offline
Killers El Matador (Maceio ;D) Majestic Druid 557 online
Lasqueitutodin Elite Knight 24 offline
Ldiboynlynlym (Meu bot joga melhor que tu!) Lord Paladin 795 online
Ldiboynlynlymw (Café com pão de queijo) Majestic Druid 826 online
Lolly Sexy Monster Knight 524 offline
Mage Poler Majestic Druid 596 offline
Maltonezindcha Monster Knight 655 online
Maninho Ousado (Pvp Hand) Majestic Druid 538 offline
Mateuz Dragon Wiki (Paralyze corre nao) Majestic Druid 555 offline
Miya Majestic Druid 598 offline
Morrivoltei Royal Paladin 26 offline
Morrologo Elite Knight 113 offline
Morte Easy Elder Druid 106 offline
Mortees Elder Druid 28 offline
Okinazin Monster Knight 603 offline
Pally Fulltudo Royal Paladin 478 offline
Passachar Elder Druid 469 offline
Pelego Rush (LOMBRA ETERNA🍁) Lord Paladin 572 offline
Poler Lord Paladin 580 offline
Popzera Majestic Druid 532 offline
Pro Attack (3 calmo xd) Elder Druid 575 offline
Rasstinha Lord Paladin 612 offline
Ravena Monster Knight 572 offline
Rei Filoux Elder Druid 509 offline
Rica (Eu sou rica) Majestic Druid 596 offline
Romanel Supreme Sorcerer 564 offline
Ryudoshel Majestic Druid 581 offline
Sdparalyzedead (CHUPA MEU PENIS) Majestic Druid 596 offline
Sixx (Forbidden Talk ;) Elder Druid 490 offline
Slinger Lord Paladin 664 online
Sovaponeguin (Vimprabrincasenaonemcolotlg) Majestic Druid 524 offline
Suh Tomahawk (Erick Tomahawksz) Majestic Druid 556 online
Suruba Majestic Druid 478 offline
Tango He Ha Elder Druid 290 offline
Tatu Elder Druid 454 offline
Timpurrei De Volvo Majestic Druid 565 offline
Tuziinho Majestic Druid 547 offline
Vitarella Rush (maceio\'-\' team) Lord Paladin 498 offline
Wakazaca Majestic Druid 527 offline
Yesoryes Elder Druid 61 offline

Invited Characters
No invited characters found.

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
1- Flam
866, Supreme Sorcerer
2- Bellalitzz
849, Majestic Druid
3- Ldiboynlynlymw
826, Majestic Druid
4- Cachero
822, Supreme Sorcerer
5- Ldiboynlynlym
795, Lord Paladin
Swat Team