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World Information
Status: Online
Server PVP Type
Players Online: 53 Players Online
Online Record: 1431 players (on Jul 30 2020, 20:11:41 -03)
Creation Date: 15/06/2016
Location: Montreal - Canada
PvP Type: Open PvP
Transfer Type: Blocked
World Quest Titles: This game world currently has no title.

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Name  [sort] Level   [sort] Vocation  [sort]
Agariano Pvt335Elder Druid
Black Danger704Nature Healer 
Carambola551Elder Druid
Cossinheiro Sekxi316Elite Knight
Cotoco643Hell Archer 
Danny411Master Sorcerer
Darkling413Elder Druid
Dokush602Undead Gladiator 
Druidzin486Nature Healer 
Ferdy433Royal Paladin
Ferdy Kina569Elite Knight
Gabi Gol567Elite Knight
Guri Verde533Elder Druid
Hell Druidz581Elder Druid
Hellzero668Hell Archer 
Junyro442Elder Druid
Kamikaze Joga Easy813Nature Healer 
King Maf554Elite Knight
Lemon Fresh556Royal Paladin
Leo Zinn452Elite Knight
Lootiador461Elite Knight
Lucri478Master Sorcerer
Maama Eu471Elite Knight
Major Sky468Elite Knight
Manle474Master Sorcerer
Manoloo699Nature Healer 
Meu Maxo480Royal Paladin
Mikaza Ackerman427Master Sorcerer
Mochileiro515Royal Paladin
Mr Pic744Demon Wizard 
Mugiwo502Royal Paladin
My Pic613Elder Druid
Nevix662Master Sorcerer
Old Knight612Undead Gladiator 
Pally Owns753Hell Archer 
Pasta De Rivotril168Royal Paladin
Pitomba24Royal Paladin
Sexy Love25Royal Paladin
So Boltada500Royal Paladin
Sorczin Owns830Demon Wizard 
Ssa Picker561Elite Knight
Suicida328Elder Druid
Sweet Flower296Elite Knight
Throhim426Elite Knight
Tio Rico615Nature Healer 
Trizio429Royal Paladin
Tu Que Pah511Elite Knight
Uh Dead513Royal Paladin
Vem Mamar667Undead Gladiator 
Venntania458Elder Druid
Warzone552Elite Knight
Xurupitaa815Hell Archer 
Yaguim Sz514Royal Paladin

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Players Online
1- Flam
973, Supreme Sorcerer
2- Bellalitzz
924, Majestic Druid
3- Arrasta Pra Cima
857, Majestic Druid
4- Boldo Easywin
854, Supreme Sorcerer
5- Sorczin Owns
830, Supreme Sorcerer
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